Snaptivity uses robotic cameras and smart sensors to capture candid emotions and reactions of fans and live events.

SECTOR: Sports Tech & Madtech

DETAIL: Snaptivity drives fan engagement and increases sponsorship revenue at live sporting events by capturing momentum driven photos of fans. It is a content generating engine, allowing brands & teams to reach people at scale in a targetted, emotional and personalised way.


  • Winner of MSDUK 2017 Innovation Challenge & Scholarship to Tuck Business School
  • Names Top 5 Sports Tech start-up by Sportel Monaco
  • Winner of Nokia Open Innovation Challenge
  • Signed a multi-year partnership with Edgbaston Cricket Ground, leading Premier League clubs and pre-approved at 8 stadiums for World Cup 2018!
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GYANA combines Artificial Intelligence (AI), 3D User Experience (UX), data sciences and applied human psychology to gather macro trend data, allowing companies to change the way it interacts with its customers.

SECTOR: Big Data & AI

DETAIL: Gyana combines over 60s sources of global data to reveal the impact that anything from weather, traffic, social media and events had on a company’s performance. The core AI technology integrates your businesses’ sales data and aggregates it with real-world factors to identify trends, rare data sets and correlations through a simple self-service tool for businesses.


  • Runner-up of MSDUK 2017 Innovation Challenge & Scholarship to Tuck Business School
  • Finalists for Innovator of the Year at the Women in IT Awards 2018
  • Founder Joyeeta Das, is an ambassador for Innovate UK women, a Tedx speaker, included in the Top 100 Asian in UKTech and an official representative in several international UK trade delegations.
  • Joyeeta has an MBA from the Oxford University under the Said Scholarship Scheme and was also a Fellow at The Oxford Entrepreneurial Centre.
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Savortex AdDryer is the world’s most energy efficient hand dryer, transforming waste into revenue. It uses data intelligence to deliver energy savings, measuring customer footfall, alerts cleaners to washrooms and HD video ad display as a revenue-generating in commercial properties..

SECTOR: Cleantech, Sustainability, IoT.

DETAIL: Savortex has built the world’s first IoT-enabled messaging sustainable, energy and cost saving hand-dryers to transform commercial washrooms into smart spaces. Their new smart dryers have built in data intelligence, which draws real-time washroom traffic and data.

Built on Intel® technology, the SAVORTEX AdDryer uses smart technology to deliver energy and waste savings, alert cleaners to washroom needs based on actual footfall, and engage consumers with tailored, high-definition video messages, allowing enterprises to transform wasteful and costly commercial washrooms into connected, hygienic, and sustainable revenue-producing assets.


  • Runner-up of MSDUK 2017 Innovation Challenge & Scholarship to Tuck Business School
  • A Carbon Trust accredited, award-winning British technology company.
  • Customers include RBS, Rolls Royce, Shell, Honda, British Airways, EMCOR, Carillion and many more.
  • The new SAVORTEX Hand DryerRange has been endorsed by the GreenSpec PASS panel.
  • SAVORTEX Awarded the Quiet Mark 2014 for its revolutionary EcoCurve – the Quietest, high speed, hand dryer on the market.
  • Top 16 UK high growth Clean-tech companies backed and funded by the UKTI
  • The first hand dryer manufacturer to achieve a Guinness World Records title for the world’s most energy efficient hand dryer.
  • Winners of Energy Product/Service Award at the 2013 Environment & Energy Award
  • Winners of ‘Energy efficient product of the Year’ at the Energy Awards 2013
  • Founder Syed Ahmed was awarded Lloyds Banking Group, English Asian Entrepreneur of the Year 2015.
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Quit Genius is a gamified behavioural therapy app to help smokers quit.

Sector: Gamification, Public Health

Detail: The Quite genius app is an 8-week CBT programme made up of animated videos, audio sessions, quizzes and interactive exercises, which work together to change the way smokers think about smoking. With each interaction Quit Genius learns more about the user and intelligently adapts the platform to personalise the therapy to their own triggers and motivations. It is a cost-effective, evidence-based and scalable solution tackling the biggest cause of preventable death worldwide – smoking.

The Quit Genius was founded by a group of young doctors who noticed a trend that despite the vast majority of smokers wanting to quit, few had access to the high quality behavioural therapy necessary to achieve long-term cessation. What’s more, there simply did not exist any evidence-based tools that doctors could advise their patients to use when they left the clinic room.

It is the product of more than two years of research working with smokers, scientists and doctors. With more than one billion smokers in the world, they recognise the need for innovative solutions, capable of delivering low-cost and highly scalable around-the-clock behavioural therapy to those who need it.


  • Quit Genius has raised a Seed round of $900K from Y Combinator, Merck & Co, Telefonica, and Force Over Mass Capital.
  • To date, they have published the award-winning research behind Quit Genius in a leading peer-reviewed journal, raised funds from the likes of Merck and Telefonica and a number of notable angel investors
  • Had successful pilots with NHS GPs and a large health insurer.
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Yoomi is a self-warming milk bottle that safely & hygienically warms your baby’s milk in just 60 seconds.

SECTOR: Consumer Goods

DETAIL: At the core of the yoomi brand are the revolutionary yoomi self-warming bottles: yoomi warms milk to perfect breastmilk temperature in just 60s.  yoomi protects the essential nutrients that are damaged by overheating and keep the milk at the perfect temperature for the length of the feed, ensuring that baby is comfortable and drinks the maximum milk.  With no batteries or wires the yoomi range is simple to use and fully portable enabling parents to feed anytime and anyplace. Yoomi remains an engineering company and is developing additional products based on the novel self-warming technology focused on the medical sector. The Yoomi “warmline” technology is a low-cost disposable fluid warming device that can be retrofitted to existing intravenous equipment. Intravenous fluid (IVF) warming warming reduces the risk of hypothermia and post-operative complications and has applications in: operating theatre and recovery room, critical/emergency care and military and veterinary care.The current market features high-cost electrical units, yoomi warmline creates a new product segment for low-cost disposable devices.


  • To date, Yoomi have been receiving the “Tried, Tested, Trusted” stamp of approval from Good Housekeeping.
  • Selected as one of the top 15 British inventions of the last decade, Good Housekeeping
  • Voted Prima Baby’s top 20 travel accessory.
  • Yoomi has raised approx £2.7m in equity investment since its inception in 2007 and launched the yoomi range in the UK in 2010.
  • The business moved beyond breakeven in 2016 and now has a presence in 21 international markets including China with more planned for 2017/18.
  • Founder Dr Jim Sheikh, completed a MEng at Imperial College, PhD from Cambridge University and an Executive MBA at London Business School where he was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug.
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Cera Care is a digital platform that enables members to book a professional carer for their loved ones within 24 hours.

Sectors: Social Care, Online Marketplace

Detail: Cera is an online marketplace to find top-end homecare for loved ones. Cera uses digital tools to improve the transparency of its services allowing users to see real-time updates in care delivery. Recently launched Martha, an AI assistant to address user enquiries and provide decision-support to carers


  • Cera has been able to deliver tens of thousands of hours of care with a 99.4% satisfaction rate, and a 9.7/10 rating by Home Care UK. Featured in The Times, Telegraph, The Guardian, Evening Standard, WIRED, Forbes, TechCrunch and the BBC.
    The UK’s fastest growing care company, with over 40% month-on-month growth.
  • Partnered with over 10 NHS organisations covering a population of 6 million people.
  • Raised £2.7 million in seed funding with investors such as Credo Ventures, Kima Ventures, CEO of JustEat, Microsoft’s former Global Head of M&A, the former Chairman of Davos and the Global Head of Digital at McKinsey & Co.
  • Partnerships with transport services, insurers, food-tech companies and many others, scaling rapidly while delivering the highest standards of care.
  • Founder Dr Ben Maruthappu has been recently recently ranked amongst the 100 most influential leaders in health technology, globally & WIRED’s Top 10 Innovators in Healthcare.
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The Envirup Insulation System is a patented technology simplifying the insulation process of a property. It is the only energy efficient solution made from 75% recycled materials, waterproof & easy to install.

Sector: Built Environment, Clean Tech, Sustainability & Renewables

Detail: The Envirup system is a technological leap forward in the external insulation sector, being one of only two certified for use on brick, concrete, timber and steel framed (non-standard) two storey homes. The complexities of current products are made in the factory for a quick and simple installation process.


  • Envirup invented its external insulation system (granted patent in 2015)
  • Won two development grants and one major grant for collaborative research, alongside experts on building fabric from Nottingham University, Eon Energy, Eurocell Plc – the UK’s leading manufacturers of building products.
  • Founder Asim Ishaque was elected as Member of The Energy Institute and gained registration as Chartered Energy Manager.
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Wealth Kernel provides end-to-end solutions for asset managers and automated financial services. Their streamlined solutions include; e-learning portal for risk mitigation, chatbot advisor for digital investment, comprehensive user risk profile to name a few.

Sector: Fintech

Detail: With a single line of code, WealthKernel enables wealth and asset managers to service their customer’s digitality. Enabling businesses to distribute financial services digitally, their platform allows partners to create a quick, cost-effective and reliable process for solutions that deliver regulated advice.


  • Finalist for ‘Best Investment in Tech’ Award by UKBAA 2017
  • Finalist for MSDUK Innovation Challenge 2017
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An award-winning company Bri-Tek supplies LED Lighting reducing energy cost by 80% in both domestic and commercial environments.

Sector: Lighting, Eco Energy

Detail: Bri-Tek provides LED lightings using energy efficient infra-red heating and voltage optimisation technology. It has also developed an emergency battery backup solution for LED lighting. They provide full-service solutions from audit, design, supply and install including financing options.


  • One of the few eco tech companies to hold 3 ISO’s certified by BSI.
  • In 2016 the company launched a patent pending universal emergency battery backup specifically designed for LED Lighting.
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BSAFE (part of Octavian UK)

bSafe is an employee safety app which delivers real-time incident response, carries digital images of travel documents, ID and informs user about troubled geographical hotspots & anonymous feedback for HR/Management.

SECTOR: Security Services

DETAIL: As an industry security expert, following the Paris attacks, Octavian were approached by a Global High Profile Fashion Giant to see if we could provide a solution to protect their employees. bSafe is a bespoke employee travel safety platform app which delivers real-time incident response, carries digital images of travel documents and ID, informs employee and employer about troubled geographical hotspots, and provides an anonymous feedback tool for HR/ Executive Management. This app is an invaluable tool for all global companies with employees that travel.

Octavian is an international provider of security, facilities management and more recently IT solutions/support, operating throughout the UK, Africa, Middle East and USA.  Diversification into new markets and World-wide locations over the years has been a key driver for Octavian’s growth.


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